Our technology research and development organization creates a vision of how technology will shape the future and invent the next wave of high performance business solutions. With our in-depth domain and technical expertise and industry standard quality processes, we enable our clients to solve complex problems, mitigate risks and meet their business objectives.

The web-based/desktop applications help companies to achieve their business goals through innovative ways of managing internet business while becoming a recognized means of connecting information, people and systems.

  • Developing user interfaces using high end technologies like HTML 5, Angular JS , Prime Faces, Swing and Spring MVC
  • Building robust multi threaded business layer to provide high performance business component using Core Java / Spring Integration / Disruptor / Mule framework
  • Robust web reporting through Jasper/BIRT - Provides an unique solution to generate different types of reports like HTML, PDF & Excel.
  • Asynchronous business service integration through AJAX/REST Web Services & Spring MVC with asynchronous services
  • Application maintenance - providing an unique way of support model by ensuring 100% production stability.
  • High performance persistence layer using ORM(Object Relationship Mapping) model
  • Meets all types customer demands for data storage - SQL & NoSQL
  • Builds a stable data structure / data model to ensure ZERO production issues

ERM (Environment & Release Management) is process/model in IT industry that manages the production environment with ZERO downtime. In current software industry managing the production environment is a crucial task and it involves efficient expertises & lots of effort and monitoring. We provide an unique & cost-effective solution to manage the production environment efficiently.

  • Release Impact analysis & Inspection
  • Change management call with different stake holders to ensure the correctness of release
  • Post release verification & validation.
  • Robust rollback / failover mechanism
  • Pre-defined deployment release plan - an unique way to explain the operational units on release procedure.
  • Backup & monitoring mechanism

Agile project management is a part of all type of industries to manage risk efficiently. We do provide agile based solution to mid/complex type of projects for successful deliveries, efficient change management & stable production environment.

  • Efficient brain storming sessions with stake holder - Product Backlog
  • Sprint planning , is a meeting among different agile member (PM/SM/DEVELOPER) to define a unique set of work items - Sprint backlog
  • Daily scrum call manages the impediment, and work progress with team - Scrum call
  • In order to analyze the good/bad part of the last Scrum, agile provides a way to improve the process continuously - Retrospective.

We provide an innovative mobile solution that make mobile simple & easy to use. We simplify mobile by eliminating the complexity to generate high quality user-experience and our principle ensures an innovation to deliver the right solution to address your business demands.

  • Mobile Development & Testing - android, Windows & iOS
  • Data Analysis
  • Implements both http & https service endpoints
  • UI design & improvement for android/iOS/Windows
  • Real-time data feeds integrations / refreshes

We provide an unique way of SEO packages that help you to see the real/accurate results. We do an analysis on website performance and then customize the search engine using optimization strategy to ensure the correct rankings.

  • Site analysis
  • Link building
  • Development
  • One page optimization